Who may incorporate a Company?

Any person, who is over eighteen years of age, is of sound mind and does not have the status of a bankrupt may incorporate a company.

Who may incorporate an International Business Company?

Person may singly or jointly with others by subscribing to a Memorandum and to Articles, incorporate an International Business Company (IBC).

Who can register a Business Name?

Any individual, partnership or firm carrying on business in Dominica under a business name other than his or their true names(s) shall register their business in accordance with the Registration of Business Names Act, Chap 78:46 of the Revised Laws of Dominica 1990.

What is Intellectual Property (IP)?

The term Intellectual property (IP) refers to the body of works which is the result of a creative human mind or intellect.  IP protects the interests of creators in their works giving them property rights over their creations.  IP rights are protected by national laws and international agreements – treaties and conventions.

What is CIPO?

The Companies and Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) was established under Part II of the Patent Act, Act 8 of 1999. The CIPO is the National Companies and Intellectual Property Registry for the Commonwealth of Dominica and is a Department of the Ministry of Tourism and Legal Affairs.

How can I contact CIPO?

Corner of Turkey Lane & Independence Street
Commonwealth of Dominica
Tel: (767) 266 3358/3359
Fax: (767) 440 6593