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Trade Marks

Marks, Collective Marks and Trade Names Schedule 1 (Regulation 3)

The following fees shall be paid in connection with applications, registrations and other matters under the Act. Such fees must in all cases be paid before or at the time of doing the matter in respect of which they are to be paid:

Item No. Description Corresponding forms Fees EC$
1 On application for registration of a mark:
- In respect of goods or services in a single class 1 450
- In respect of goods or services in more than one class 1 450 plus 200 for each additional class
2 Applications, notifications or request to the Registrar -
(a) Request for Publication
(i) Notice of new application (regulation 19)
(A) word mark 2 100 per class
(B) combined mark/figurative element 2 150 per class
(ii) Notice of any other application (regulation 19) 2 100
(b) Request for statement of decision (regulation 65(1)) 2 100
(c) On application for alteration of address or address for service for each entry (regulation 9) 2 100
(d) On application for correction of clerical error or for permission to amend application or document (regulation 55) 2 100
(e) On application to enter change of name or description of applicant, registered owner or registered licensee for each mark (regulation 42) 2 150
(f) On application to amend or cancel entry on Registrar for each mark (regulation 55) 2 100
(g) Request to strike out goods/services for each Mark (regulation 55) 2 100
(h) Request to enter disclaimer for each Mark (regulation 55) 2 100
(i) Request to search for each mark per class (regulation 58) 2 50
(j) Request for information (CAVEAT) as to future proceedings for each mark (regulation 59(1)) 2 50
(k) Application for the certificate of the Registrar with references to the proposed assignment of a collective Mark (regulation 48) 2 100
(l) Application for certificate 2 200
(m) Any other applications, notifications or request not provided for 2 100
3 For notice of opposition (regulation 20) 3 150
4 For notice of answer to opposition (regulation 21) 4 100
5 On application for renewal of registration of a mark
(a) In respect of goods or services in a single class 5 450
(b) In respect of goods or services in more than one class 5 450 plus 200 for each additional class
Additional fee within six (6) months of the date of expiration 5 250
Additional fee for restoration of mark removed for non-payment of renewal fees 5 250
6 On application to record a transaction affecting the rights in a mark (regulations 42, 43, 44, 49 and 54) - transmission, hypothecation or attachment 6910 100 For first mark
100 For each additional mark
Penalties for late registration of cession or transmission or transmission or a registered mark – for each period of 12 months or portion thereof 6 100
7 On application for –
Recording a licence (regulation 50) 711 100 per mark
Variation of the record of licence (regulation 52) 712 100 per mark
Cancellation of record of a licence (regulation 52) 712 70 per mark
8 For leave to make copies of documents in respect of an application or registration 7 per page
9 For inspecting register, file or document 25
10 For photocopy of any document, per page (regulation 60) 7
11 For certification of extracts from Registrar or documents - (per document) 50
12 Refund on withdrawal of any application half of Registration/ recording fee (plus publication fee if application is unpublished)
13 Refund for excess fee Amount of excess less 10.00
14 Extension of time 150

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