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FEES(Regulation 3)

Description Fee (EC$)
For filing of an application for a patent 500
For the grant of a patent 375
For publication of a grant of a patent (according to advertisement rates) -
An application for a change of application for registration of a patent 500
For renewal of a patent
before the 2nd anniversary of filing 200
before the 3rd anniversary of filing 300
before the 4th anniversary of filing 400
before the 5th anniversary of filing 500
before the 6th anniversary of filing 600
before the 7th anniversary of filing 700
before the 8th anniversary of filing 800
before the 9th anniversary of filing 900
before the 10th anniversary of filing 1000
before the 11th anniversary of filing 1100
before the 12th anniversary of filing 1200
before the 13th anniversary of filing 1300
before the 14th anniversary of filing 1400
before the 15th anniversary of filing 1500
before the 16th anniversary of filing 1600
before the 17th anniversary of filing 1700
before the 18th anniversary of filing 1800
before the 19th anniversary of filing 2000
For making late payment of annual fee 100
For preparation of an abstract 100
For recognising the transfer of an application for a patent 25
For a registration of a contract and publication of reference to a contract in Journal 200
For transfer of a voluntary licence 200
For requesting a non-voluntary licence 1000
For examining or making extracts or copies of records in the register 5.00 (per page or any part thereof)
For a copy of a patent 10
For a certified copy of a patent of any other document 25
For a statutory licence 200
For the transfer of a statutory licence 200
For requesting that the Registrar extend the time limit for doing anything 50
For recording an address for service for a patent, or a change of address for service of a patent or a licence 50
For surrender of a patent 50
For transferring registration of a patent 50
On application for approval of the transfer of a patent 50
For filing an application for utility model certificates 300
For conversion of applications 200
For amendment of the text of drawing of patent 100
For filing international application with receiving office I. B.
For patent agent licence 750 a year

N.B: I. B. – refers to the International Bureau of WIPO

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