• EU GI Shortlist

    Click the link to view the EU GI Shortlist (PDF, 166 KB). Read More
  • Business Names

    Business Names

    A business name is a name used for a business which- In the case of an individual or partnership, is different from the name(s) of the proprietor(s), and In the case of a company, is different from the company’s corporate name. All business names must be registered. It is an offence to operate a business under a business name which has not been registered. The Read More
  • Intellectual Property

    Intellectual Property

    The term Intellectual property (IP) refers to the body of works which is the result of a creative human mind or intellect. IP protects the interests of creators in their works giving them property rights over their creations. IP rights are protected by national laws and international agreements – treaties and conventions. Some of the works protected by IP are: Literary, artistic and scientific works; Performances Read More
  • Patents


    What is a patent? A patent is the title given to protect an invention. This title gives the owner the exclusive rights to use, make, or sell the invention for a limited period of time. An invention is a product or a process which solves a specific problem in the field of technology. The grant of a patent provides a reward for the creator of Read More
  • Trade Marks

    Trade Marks

    What is a trade mark? A trade mark is the visible sign used to distinguish the goods (“trade mark”) or services (“service Mark”) of an enterprise. A trade mark may consist of words, designs, letters, pictures, numbers, packaging, slogans, devices or any combination of these. And a “Collective mark” is any visible sign used by a group or association of enterprises, which distinguish the origin Read More
  • Copyright


    Copyright is the exclusive property rights given to protect the creators of literary and artistic works. The aim of copyright is to promote science, culture and the arts. Copyright reward the creators of works by granting them rights, and strike a balance between these rights, and the interest of the public and entrepreneurs such as publishers, broadcasters, record companies and the like. The legal framework Read More
  • Companies


    About Companies Legal and Investment Advice Types of Company Setting up a Company Tax and Social Security Non-profit Companies External Companies International Business Companies ABOUT COMPANIES Not all businesses are companies. Many are run by sole traders or partnerships. A company is a legal person, separate from those who own or manage it. The possible benefits of operating as a company include: The people who Read More
  • Choosing A Name

    Choosing A Name

    Similar rules apply to the choice of a name, whether this is being used for a company or other form of business. In short, the name must not be confusing, misleading or offensive. More precisely, a name must not be – the same as a name already on the register in Dominica, or So similar as to confuse or mislead. It must not imply a connection Read More
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